Research & Development


The continual and progressive prosperity of IN-EKO Team is closely linked with the continuous innovation of the equipment produced and with the development of new products that respect higher requirements for the purity of wastewater. These innovations, development and consistent technical growth of the company are related with the introduction of new production technologies enabling the manufacture of such equipment that reflects substantially higher criteria for both quality and efficiency and prevention of the negative development in the environmental area, as well as the associated requirements imposed by the European Union.

Within the IN-EKO Team technical growth, both current and future criteria applicable to the area at the forefront of our concern, i.e. abundance of pure water, are subject to detailed analyses. The aforesaid criteria imply the direction of further development that can only cover products with the highest technological opportunities, long service life and minimum maintenance demands.


The equipment for the filtration of wastewater is one of the main product lines of IN-EKO Team. The equipment consists of drum filters that have been manufactured for more than 20 years and ensure a maximum capacity of 300 l/s at filtration fineness of 20 µm. The number of produced filters installed all over the world already exceeds 2,000 units.

Thanks to continual improvement, a new filter generation has been designed within another development line; its main characteristic is the disk-like shape of their filtration area – DISK FILTERS.

These filters are distinguished by their filtration area that is four times larger than that of drum filters with considerably greater dimensions. That is why the filtration capacity can be substantially increased at filtration fineness up to 10 µm. The filters are manufactured for concrete channels or stainless steel tubs with a width up to 1.9 m, and a capacity range according to the number of disks, i.e. 4, 6, 10, 16, and 24, with an actual filtration area ranging from 7 to 42 sq. m. Their optimum filtration operation is fully controlled by electronics.

Due to the development of these filters over several years, their technological properties have been worked out in detail, and the complexity of their maintenance minimized. The advantages and final designs of individual parts are protected by patents.

IN-EKO Team has become the first manufacturer of these filters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which implies that this product is quite unique and exclusive in the present market.