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Physical flotation is a process enabling the removal of a larger quantity of undissolved matter from wastewater. Flotation is applied where any other method of filtration and sedimentation cannot be used. Thickening of excessive sludge in municipal wastewater treatment plants, purification of industrial wastewater, etc. represent typical examples of this. The process uses the ability of small bubbles to bring impurities to the surface, resulting in the formation of thick foam. The foam is continuously collected and discharged. To ensure greater efficiency, the chemical precipitation is usually applied prior to the flotation itself. Removal of undissolved matter with a density close to that of water.


  • up to 98 % undissolved matter can be entrapped
  • operation possible with chemical precipitation
  • fully automatic operation
  • stainless steel construction



DAF Rectangular







  • physical or physicochemical flotation
  • formation of thickened sludge
  • entrapment of undissolved matter with a density close to that of water


  • high economy of the operation
  • optimum hydraulic shape of the flotation tank
  • great density of the sludge removed
  • low investment costs
  • high reliability and long service life


  • various sizes available depending on the requirements and characteristics of the wastewater
  • optimization according to the material removed
  • customization according to specific conditions


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