Phosphorus reduction

Advanced Phosphorus reduction technology


innovative REPHOS-COMORES technology


The highly efficient and innovative REPHOS-COMORES technology treates the effluent and reduces the phosphorus concentration through tertiary coagulation with microscreen filtration.

This technology stably reduces the phosphorus concentration down to 0.1 mg/l and effectively minimizing the potential for algae and cyanobacteria growth. Additionally, it serves as an effective pre-treatment before subsequent stages of potential quaternary water treatment.



  • Ensuring stable outflow parameters for water treatment for further use (phosphorus reduction down to 0.1 mg/l, reduction of algae and cyanobacteria)
  • Low power consumption 0.35–0.55 kW/m3 of treated water (including pumped inflow and outflow to the technology)
  • Online monitoring = reduction of OPEX of the whole technology
  • Precise and automatic dosing
  • Autonomous control system with artificial intelligence and reliable operation
  • Customer communication protocols
  • Automatic backwashing system of a Microscreen filter
  • Sludge without residual chemicals




Phosphorus reduction micropollutants removal water re-use (PDF)



The technology is based on the precise dosing of reagents into the influent water and a controlled flocculation process in a cascade of vertically mixed reactors.

Precise dosing is achieved by measuring the instantaneous flow rate using a flow meter and simultaneously monitoring the input concentration of PO4-P using an analyzer.

Coagulant based on Fe or Al is dosed, along with a sodium hydroxide solution if necessary, and additionally, a solution of polymeric flocculant is used in the technology. Separation of floc particles from phosphorus precipitation occurs on a Microscreen filter with 10 µm or 20 µm filter cloth.



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